Social Justice Courses

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Available Courses in IAC

School of History and Sociology

Course Number Course Title
HIST 2111 United States to 1877
HIST 2112 (v.1) United States since 1877
HIST 2112 (v.2) United States since 1877
HTS 1031 Europe since the Renaissance
HTS 1081 Engineeering in History
HTS 2001 Early American History
HTS 2002 American Revolution
HTS 2007 New South since 1877
HTS 2013 Modern America
HTS 2015 History of Sports in America
HTS 2016 Social Issues and Public Policy
HTS 2036 Revolutionary Europe
HTS 2037 Twentieth Century Europe
HTS 2040 History of Islamic Societies
HTS 2041 History of the Modern Middle East
HTS 2051 Colonial Latin America and the World
HTS 2052 North American Borderlands
HTS 2061 Traditional Asia and Its Legacy
HTS 2062 Asia in the Modern World
HTS 2080 Intro Hist Disease and Medicine
HTS 2085 Reel History
HTS 2086 Semester in the City
HTS 2101 Research Methods
HTS 3005 American Environmental History
HTS 3006 Labor History
HTS 3008 Class, Power, and Inequality
HTS 3011 The City in U.S. History
HTS 3012 Urban Sociology
HTS 3017 Sociology of Gender
HTS 3021 Women in Science and Engineering
HTS 3022 Gender and Sports
HTS 3025 African American History Since 1865
HTS 3026 Race and Ethnicity
HTS 3032 European Intellectual History
HTS 3038 The French Revolution
HTS 3041 Modern Spain
HTS 3046 Science, Politics and Culture in Nazi Germany
HTS 3051 Women and Gender in the Middle East
HTS 3055 Globalization in the Modern World
HTS 3061 Modern China
HTS 3062 Modern Japan
HTS 3064 Sociology of Development
HTS 3068 Social Movements
HTS 3069 Modern Cuba
HTS 3071 Sociology of Crime
HTS 3072 Sociology of Education
HTS 3073 Sociology of Sports
HTS 3082 Sociology of Science
HTS 3083 Technology and Shaping of U.S. Society
HTS 3084 Culture and Technology
HTS 3086 Sociology of Medicine and Health
HTS 3088 Race, Medicine and Science
HTS 3100 Introduction to Museum Studies
HTS 3102 Social Theory and Stucture
HTS 4086 Medicine, Health and Society
SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology

School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Course Number Course Title
LMC 2200 Introduction to Gender Studies
LMC 2350 Introduction to Social Justice
LMC 3208 African American Literature and Culture
LMC 3210 Ethnicity in American Culture
LMC 3212 Women, Literature, and Culture
LMC 3225 Gender Studies in the Disciplines
LMC 3304 Science, Technology, and Gender
LMC 3306 Science, Technology, and Race
LMC 3316 Science, Technology, and Postcolonialism
LMC 3214 Science Fiction
LMC 3226 Major Authors
LMC 3256 Major Filmmakers
LMC 3257 Global Cinema
LMC 3258 Documentary Film
LMC 3259 Experimental Film
LMC 3263 Music, Culture, and Society
LMC 3318 Biomedicine and Culture

School of Public Policy

Course Number Course Title
PUBP 3042 Data Science for Public Policy
PUBP 8751 Big Data and Public Policy
PUBP 6112 Research Design in Policy Science
POL 1101 Government of the U.S.
PUBP 2010 Political Processes
PUBP 3510 Politics and Policy
PUBP 4440 Regulation, Science, and Tech
PUBP 4803 Intergenerational Policy
PHIL 6000 Responsible Conduct of Research
PUBP 6701  Energy Technology and Policy
PUBP 3030 Policy Analysis
PUBP 6201 Public Policy Analysis
PUBP 3315 Environ Policy & Politics
PUBP 3320 Climate Policy
PUBP 4410 Science, Tech, and Public Policy
PHIL 2025 Philosophical Analysis for Policy Choices
PHIL 4803 Social Justice in the Digital Age
PHIL 3127 Sci,Tech & Human Values
PHIL 3050 Political Philosophy
PHIL 3109 Engineering Ethics
PHIL 4176 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 3127 Sci,Tech & Human Values
PUBP 4111 Internet & Public Policy
PUBP 2012 Foundation-Public Policy
PUBP 3201 Intro To Social Policy
PUBP 4200 Social Policy Issues
PUBP 4212 Women and Public Policy
PUBP 4410 Science, Tech, and Public Policy
PUBP 8803 Regenerative Medicine, Cell Manufacturing and Society
PUBP 3600 Sustainbility, Tech, & Policy
PUBP 3350 Energy Policy
PUBP 6360 Sustainable Energy & Environmental Management
PUBP 8840 Advanced Energy & Environmental Policy Capstone
PUBP 3210 Health Policy
PUBP 3214 African-Amer Politics
PUBP 4803 Health Disparities
PUBP 4803 Comparative Social Policy
PUBP 4501 Info Policy & Mgmt
PUBP 8510 Logic of Policy Inquiry
PUBP 8200 Advanced Research Methods
PUBP 8803 Special Topics: Qualitative Methods
PUBP 3000 US Constitutional Issues
PUBP 4609  Legal Practice
PUBP 4843 Special Topics - Law, Medicine, and Ethics
POL 1101 Government of the U.S.
PUBP 3520 Globalization and Public Policy
PUBP 4211  Urban Policy

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

Course Number Course Title
INTA 2030 Ethics in International Affairs
INTA 2050 Intro to Global Development
INTA 2210 Comparative Political Philosophies and Ideologies
INTA 3012 War in the 20th Century
INTA 3031 Human Rights
INTA 3050 The Meaning of Global Citizenship
INTA 3203 Comparative Politics
INTA 3242 Soccer and Global Politics
INTA 3303 Political Economy of Development
INTA 3773 Global Issues and Leadership
INTA 4060 International Law
INTA 4241 Democracy in the Global South
INTA 4744 Global Development Capstone
INTA 4745 Information and Communication Technologies and Global Development

School of Modern Languages


Course Number Course Title
ARBC 3401 Persp Arab-Israeli Confl
ARBC 3501 Men-Women In Islam


Course Number Course Title
CHIN 4035 Sino-American Interacts
CHIN 4500 Intercultural Seminar


Course Number Course Title
FREN 3015 Social Identities French
FREN 3501 Sustainable Communities
FREN 4064 Sustainable Development
FREN 4080 Politics & PubPol France
FREN 4107 African Diasporas France
FREN 4110 Gender in French Societies
FREN 4241 Migration in Fren Cinema
FREN 4300 France and Globalization
FREN 4500

Intercultural Seminar


Course Number Course Title
GRMN 3030 Crossing Borders Lit/Cul
GRMN 3696 Current Issues
GRMN 3697 Communication & Culture
GRMN 4010 Perspectives Grmn Media
GRMN 4012 German Identity
GRMN 4026 German Post-Wall Cinema
GRMN 4027 Grmn Pol Songwriting
GRMN 4028 Americanization in FRG
GRMN 4026 German Post-Wall Cinema
GRMN 4027 Grmn Pol Songwriting
GRMN 4028 Americanization in FRG
GRMN 4500 Intercultural Seminar
GRMN 4693 Ind Transf Grmn Soc/Econ


Course Number Course Title
JAPN 3693 Japan Today
JAPN 3700 Sustain/Societal Changes
JAPN 4500 Intercultural Seminar
JAPN 4743 Japan Society & Politics


Course Number Course Title
KOR 4150 Kor Comm Servc Learning
KOR 4500 Intercultural Seminar
KOR 4691 Korean Society


Course Number Course Title
LING 3100 Apps of Linguistics

Modern Languages

Course Number Course Title
ML 2500 Intro Cross-Cult Studies


Course Number Course Title
RUSS 3350 Russian-US Mass Cultures
RUSS 3698 Russia Yesterday & Today
RUSS 4500 Intercultural Seminar


Course Number Course Title
SPAN 3200 Global Latin America
SPAN 3211 Spain Today
SPAN 3235 Latin America Today
SPAN 3242 Society in Hispanic Lit
SPAN 3260 Identity In Hisp. Lit.
SPAN 3300 Satire & Media Americas
SPAN 4150 Spanish Service Learning
SPAN 4158 Diversity in Spain
SPAN 4160 US Spanish-Lang&Cultures
SPAN 4165 Bilingualism-Span World
SPAN 4360 Covering LatinX Culture
SPAN 4401 Globalization & Migration
SPAN 4410 Media and Power in Lat America
SPAN 4454 Latin America through Film
SPAN 4500 Intercultural Seminar

School of Economics

Course Number Course Title
ECON 4232 Labor Economics
ECON 4411 Economic Development
ECON 4415 Conflict & Security in Developing
ECON 4421 Urban & Regional Economics
ECON 4510 Economics of Health and Health Care